My Nabble Account - A Misleading Expression

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My Nabble Account - A Misleading Expression

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Some who post on Nabble Support express surprise or confusion because the login details they used when creating a Nabble hosted forum, or registering on one, did not work when they came to seek support from Nabble. They talk of having to re-register.

They often refer to "my account", and this is, perhaps, understandable because the email received when  creating or registering on a forum takes the form:
Dear user,

Thank you for registering with XXXXX!

Email Confirmation
Please click on the confirmation link below to activate your account:
where XXXXX is the name of the forum.

The trouble is that the term "your account" in that email serves only to confirm that they control the email address they used when they created, or registered at, XXXXX. It would be far better if the term "your registration" had been used.

Obviously, a completely separate registration (or account) is needed when registering on any other Nabble hosted forum, including Nabble Support - in just the same way that you wouldn't expect to register your details at Amazon and expect them to work for eBay without separately registering on eBay.

There's a further article about Nabble Accounts now available.