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How To Use this Guide

Nabble provides a suite of related web-based programs, also known as "applications" or "apps" that offer a range of ways of presenting information. These apps all provide ways for others to offer feedback, make comments or post replies. Most have names that will be recognised by those familiar with software designed to allow on-line group discussion, such as bulletin board and forum and almost everyone is familiar with personal journal software, known as blogs.

Terms such as these are used frequently on this site to refer to web-based discussion group and personal journal software generally. However, where a term refers to specific Nabble app the text will make clear by an initial capital letter and the term "app" following.

There are a number of problems faced by new Nabble administrators. These can differ depending on the reason for considering Nabble and the experience of the administrator. The list below shows the articles which it is expected the various types of reader may find most useful in order to understand how to get the best out of Nabble:

Experienced Forum Administrators
New Forum Administrators

Because subscribers to any part of a Nabble forum receive the full text of any post and may reply to it (unless the "Daily Digest" option has been selected), it is entirely possible to operate your forum as a mail list, using the forum only as an archive of old posts. In that case do take note of the guidance in the Help with Mail Lists area.

New Blog Administrators
Administrators of Mail List Archives